Install Office Setup in Windows/Mac Computer is portal developed by Microsoft to ease the process of office setup download in windows and Mac Computers. User Can Redeem Product key which is 25 chracter alphanumeric code comes along with the Microsoft Office Setup. It is suppoed to be kept safe for download, activation, redownload and activation of product from

Redeem Office Product Key and Download Office Setup

  1. Go to Microsoft Office website
  2. Create New Microsoft Account or Sign in
  3. Enter Your Office Setup Product Key
  4. Choose Country, language and Click "Next"
  5. Click Redeem
  6. Download Office Setup Installer and Run this file
  7. Follow On screen instruction to complete installation. Run any Office App to Activate Setup

Steps Install Office Setup in Windows Pc

  1. Go to and sign in to Microsoft Account
  2. Redeem office Product Key
  3. In Office Myaccount, Click on Install
  4. Choose 32bit or 64 bit software
  5. Double click on downloaded installer
  6. Check on "Agree Terms and Conditions"
  7. Click Proceed to install.
  8. Office installation is done

Steps to install Office Setup in Mac

  1. Open App store in Mac
  2. Search for Donwloaded Office Setup File
  3. Double click on .exe, it will ask permission to access your Mac computer, Click "Ok"
  4. Enter Office Product Key
  5. Installation Process will start

Steps to Activate Office Setup 2019 and 365

For License activation of office you need to activate Office Product key with Microsoft and make your Microsoft MyAccount.

Office Setup Subscription activation

  1. Go to or
  2. Create a new account or sign in with microsoft existing account
  3. Enter your Product Key
  4. Redeem key to activate your license

Office Setup Software Activation

  1. Click on start Menu in your Compter
  2. Searcg "Microsoft Office"
  3. Open any App eg. Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc
  4. It will Ask " Activate your Product", Click Activate
  5. Enter Office Product Key and Click "Activate Now"
  6. Your Office Setup is Ready to Use

Where to find Office Setup Product Key?

Office Setup Product Key is 25 character alphanumeric code comes along with Microsoft Office suite, you can purchase Office box from retailer or online from it will be sent onyour email id. You need to keep this key safe and secure as it will be used for download, redownlod, install or reinstall office setup. if you are looking to but this key online go to an purchase it.

Manage Office Setup Myaccount

To Manage office seutp Myaccount, visting will provide you all options which will help you to manage your Billing address, Billing method, Susbcription plan, Manage license for single or Multiple device. Update your Office Setup Software. Though with MyAccount you get 4 major options as below :

  • Enter Product Key
  • Buy Office
  • Manage Subscription
  • Get Support